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Mental health in the workplace

The Buzz is a series of pseudo-anonymous interviews about workplace culture. Sometimes we dicuss the good, sometimes the bad, but we always aim to give you tangible actions you can walk away with.

*Some audio issues are due to recording live from nearly 5,000 miles apart.

Today's guest is Tim and the topic is mental health in the workplace. We discuss the following topics and more:

  • Attributes of a toxic work environment

  • How a toxic workplace impacts your mental health

  • How to support the mental health of employees

  • How to turn genuine words into actions

  • For leaders, actions that can be taken to improve employee mental health on your team

  • For individuals struggling with mental health at work, steps you can take to improve your situation

Guest Info

Name: Tim

Age: 33

Location: UK

Current Industry: Events

Company Size: 100-500

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