Hire passionate people

Hiring passionate people to help you reach your goals can be tricky.  That's because it's a mixed bag.  To an extent, you need someone that has a passionate character, but​ it's also something that can be nurtured and brought out in anyone (including your current employees).

Combining the results our Storytelling and Culture programs, this program aims to give you a simple and consistent way to make sure you're interviewing and hiring the right people to help you accomplish your long-term business goals.


program outcomes

  • Hiring Plan: We'll co-create a custom hiring process to filter in passionate employees 

  • Simple: Our framework was designed for the workplace, so it's easily understood

  • Structured:  The process will be repeatable

  • Sustainable: Designed holistically, this program is designed for long-term health

  • Monthly Retainer (Optional):  New questions and obstacles are bound to come up, but we are here to help!

best for startups who:

  • Want to have passionate employees

  • Are struggling with employee attrition

  • Are struggling with disengaged employees

  • Want their employees to be proactive rather than reactive

  • Wish to create a culture of innovation on their team

  • Want to attract and hire top talent

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