Elevate Workplace Culture

with Hive Mentality

It's never the wrong time to work on elevating your business's culture. It's paramount for business success that each employee passionately strives to achieve business goals.  This program works to help you create an environment that gets people out of a state of self-preservation, meets them where they're at, and fully prepare them to commit themselves to the group in a deeply passionate way.

Based in biology and modern psychology, our culture program shows everyone the big picture while utilizing an easy-to-understand framework that provides structure and order. This framework empowers transparent communication and makes it easy to know how to prioritize cultural decisions.

details & outcomes

  • Time: 8 hours of 1-on-group coaching

  • Culture Plan: We'll co-create a custom 30/90/180 day Culture Improvement Plan 

  • Simple: Our framework was designed for the workplace, so it's easily understood

  • Structured:  Everyone will understand the order in which to prioritize cultural actions

  • Sustainable: Designed holistically, this program is designed for cultures that want long-term success

  • Monthly Retainer (Optional):  New questions and obstacles are bound to come up, but we are here to help!

best for startups who:

  • Are struggling with employee attrition

  • Are struggling with disengaged employees

  • Want their employees to be proactive rather than reactive

  • Wish to create a culture of innovation on their team

  • Want to create new, strong leaders for their organization

  • Want to attract and hire top talent

starting at $695

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What Makes OneHive Different

focus on passion & fulfillment

Just about every course or book we have seen on workplace culture and business growth focuses on outcomes like "motivation" and "productivity."  The issue here is that people don't want to feel motivated or productive in the long-term—they want to feel passionate and fulfilled. 

So rather than starting an initiative with the intention of "motivation," we start with the intention of "passion" because, let's be honest, passionate people are extremely motivated and productive.  Our entire culture program aims to cultivate passionate, fulfilled employees that will be the engaged, driven, proactive, collaborative, inquisity, creative, innovative leaders of your company's tomorrow.

built for employees, by employees

Our goal is ultimately your success, but OneHive was built through a different lens than other leadership and culture businesses.  Our founder describes himself as "one of your employees."  That means our culture program was not designed by a powerful leader, but rather someone rank and file.

This is important because we are genuinely able to get you inside the heads of your employees.  We understand what they want and what they're looking for.  To reiterate, our program outcomes still result in achieving bigger goals, greater business profitability, and creating innovative, passionate employees, but our path is slightly different.  We give you the inside scoop.

a common language

It's extremely common to teach leadership, but how often do we teach employees how to effectively communicate upwards?  Having a great culture is more about having great communication, not just great leadership.  OneHive's culture program involves everyone, giving all your people a common language, acting like a framework, to have transparent, yet professional conversations.

This program certainly helps leaders lead, but it simultaneously teaches individuals how to communicate upwards and to each other in a consistent way.  When everyone is involved in this process, emotions can be expressed in healthier, more accurate ways, strengthening relationships and creating a healthier social environment among your people and teams.