Align people with Vision

Ensure your employees' personal Vision aligns with your business Vision

Consider that each of your employees has their own personal Vision.  Not everyone may be able to articulate it, and that's fine.  But we believe that the businesses of the future will be the ones that, at least partially, burden themselves with helping their employees find their personal Visions.


Helping your employees find their personal Visions does two primary things for the company:

  1. It makes sure that selfish pursuance of their personal goals also selfishly benefits the business's goals.

  2. It makes sure that, even if they align with the business Vision, they're contributing in the right way (i.e. they have the right role).

After we have articulated personal Vision statements for your employees, we work to find alignment between their new Vision and your overarching business Vision.  Once this alignment is found, everyone can confidently move in unison towards your business's long-term Vision.

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