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Burnout into passion

Learn how to inspire the passion in your employees that will lead to a vibrant culture and high performance




Is your business struggling with...


36% of US employees leave their jobs annually, an increase of 88% in the last 10 years


62% of US employees generally do not ask others to help find solutions to the workplace challenges they are facing

Lack of Innovation

50% less innovation is achieved by non-passionate people


86% of US employees are not passionate about their work

Swarm of Bees

OneHive was

created for employees, by employees.

We've experience burnout, we know passion, and we are here to teach you how to turn burnout into passion in a way that is:

  • Simple - Workplace culture isn't an overwhelming feat with us.

  • Structured - Cultural decisions are prioritized and repeatable.

  • Sustainable - Everything we do considers the long-term health of your people and organization.

OneHive Services

*All services available in-person or virtually

Similing Team


Our preferred method of teaching, we get together in groups up to 30 for this interactive experience.


Custom length speaking sessions are available for your next conference or all-hands meeting. 


Individual or small group coaching is available by the hour or on a retainer.

Online Workshop

Our Simple Process

1. Schedule a Call

Together we'll discuss your business, needs, and customize a service based on your needs.

2. Choose a Service

Watch how OneHive's simple, yet effective, framework changes your business's culture.

3. Achieve Your Goals

Reach the heights you have been imagining. 

Outcomes of Passion

Passionate employees...

Video Camera Lens


feel focused, immersed, ane energized in their work.

The Future


are optimistic about the future of their company.

All Hands In


age, role, company size, and education don't prevent passion.

Aspiring Pilot


are in their dream jobs at their dream companies.

Working on Laptop


report working extra hours.

DNA Chips


more likely to take experiement, take risks, and innovate.


"I am so thankful for Derrek and OneHive. Derrek helped pull me out of my own head and return to the fundamental reason I founded RightBoot. With his help and OneHive's program, I was able to refocus and better approach making an impact in my chosen space. I cannot recommend OneHive's programs enough, and will tell every founder and small-business owner I know that if you want purpose from your chosen profession, you MUST start with Derrek and OneHive."

Travis opocensky

Founder & Executive Director, RightBoot

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Unleash the passion within your employees today.

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